The old Springfield Factory in Massachusetts - Bob Hadd

I went to my hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts to visit family and friends. While the meet was going on in VA, Springfield had a windstrorm that blew of the sign of Titflex Hose Company. They make high pressure teflon hose and are major to Rolls-Royce Aircraft,PLC. Under The sign after some 75 years revealed the remainders of the old Rolls-Royce sign
Note - Additional photos were added 15/02/2009

Pic 1

 Click Here for an aerial photo of the Springfield Works. The white, double roofed building towards the bottom of the photo is where the R-R sign is. The brown, flat topped building just below it was not part of the "Works", however it was the design building for the Indian Motocyle Company and is where the Indian museum was until recently move to downtown Springfield. By the way, that's not a mistake in the Indian name as George Hendee did NOT use an "R" in the name.  
If you scroll to the left and cross the tracks you will notice "Hendee St.". (If you are going to build it, why not name it after yourself?) The buildings to the north on Hendee St are casting buildings. (In case of a fire, you didn't want burn the whole works down!)
 Scroll to the right and you have the Smith & Wesson Firearms Company (the big, green patch.)
The tracks between R-R and S&W head north to the former Westinghouse Company. They supplied some of the electrics for the cars. American Bosch did also, but the  plant was a bit to the northwest of here on the Springfield-Chicopee city lines. That's pronounce CHICK' O PEE.

What remains of the American-Bosch factory. I seem to remember
that there were 3 of them and this is the only remaining

Rose Garden in Forest Park were many of the publicity photos were taken. The garden and the boat house are still there, but the pavillions have been torn down

154 State St is where the offices were for a while before they were
relocated to the Springfield works site.

Site of the showroom in Springfield at 454 Bridge St.
It is now a cocktail lounge

The old Westinghouse works on Page Blvd. It is now an
industrial training school (as is the Bosch site).

The George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum where many of the publicity pictures were taken. The picture on the left shows what in in front of the GWVS Museum to day. It is a memorial to Theodore Giesel. Most people know him as Dr. Suess! He was born and raised just o few blocks from this site on Mullberry St

The main buildings of the Springfield works.

The casting buildings. The three buildings behind the white truck are the originals. The others, both in front and behind them were later "add ons" from someone else